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Brody Jarrett Alexander

"It takes an athlete to dance, but an artist to be a dancer."

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Name:Brody Jarrett Alexander
Birthdate:Jul 1
Location:Burlington, Vermont, United States of America
Website:@ dreamlikenewyork

"It takes an athlete to dance, but an artist to be a dancer."

Brody Jarrett Alexander is the youngest child born to Luke and Cindy Alexander of Burlington, Vermont. He arrived nearly ten years after his brother, Hunter, and a year prior to Hunter, the oldest brother, Darren. Brody, was an unplanned surprise bundle of joy. Within those ten years, Hunter's dad fought and survived Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. They thought the chemo would leave him infertile, but one determined little swimmer managed to get through and complete their family of three boys.

Brody just adores his big brothers, because how could he not? They're both a lot of fun and both have a wicked sense of humour. They were inevitably protective of him growing up, but the age difference never put any sort of emotional distance between them. He was never fobbed off as the pain in the ass little brother. Brody wasn't born when their dad went through cancer, but his dad is still his hero because of it. Not a day goes by that Brody isn't grateful his dad fought it and won, giving him a chance at a life that probably shouldn't have been.

However, where both Darren, a Paramedic, and Hunter, a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Adolescent Mental Health, both ended up in the medical field, Brody was more of a creative soul. Growing up, he loved to dance and sing. He never took to the more traditional styles of dancing like ballet or ballroom, but when he was in his later years of grade school, he discovered he had a talent and love for Hip Hop dancing, taking to it like a duck to water. From there on, that's all he wanted to do. It never felt like work. It just felt like he got to play a hell of a lot.

With the encouragement from his teachers, and enthusiastic support from his brother, Brody's parents decided to enter him in the competition circuit. Brody never got a dance mom, he got Dance Bros, because they never missed a competition, until they both went away for college. Even then, they still tried to get to as many as they could. He started to win titles, and by the time he was 13, he was a National title holder in Hip Hop.

At fifteen, his dance teacher encouraged him to enter a national TV talent show, and even though he only did it for a bit of fun, he found himself making it through round upon round, until he won the entire thing. By then, he had a fan following all over the country and he found himself dumped into the fame cycle without ever expecting it. He's thriving on it, though, and has been offered a scholarship to the Professional Performing Arts School near Broadway in New York City as a result of his win in the competition. As far as he's concerned, it's perfect because not only does Hunter live in New York, but Darren has been hoping to make the move and transfer to a position there also.

Brody's a fun guy, never really takes himself seriously. He loves joking around, and sometimes has a short attention span. He likes to party, which means he needs to be kept reminded that if he chooses partying as a priority, he might let his career opportunities slip through his fingers. Like Hunter, Brody is straight but he's yet to have a steady girlfriend. Darren's the odd one out of the three, coming out as gay when he was fifteen. Brody was only five at the time, so he never had an awareness of anything different. Darren is out and proud, and Brody went to his first Pride parade with him this year. He's LGBTQIA Allegiance all the way.

brody is an original character
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